John Carter Will Lose $200 Million For Disney

$200 million is a lot of money to lose – especially if it’s from one movie. It’s something that no studio wants to hear but unfortunately, that’s how much the sci-fi action film John Carter will cost Walt Disney Studios.

According to Media Decoder, the studio anticipated the film to lose somewhere between $100 million and $165 million. In addition to that, Disney will also lose around $80 million to $120 million in operating losses in its second quarter, ending March 31.

So far, the sales total for John Carter equal $184 million worldwide and roughly $53 million of that is from the United States. The film’s total cost for production and marketing is roughly $350 million. If you do the math, John Carter is set to become one of the biggest flops in film history.

Fear not though as the losses accumulated from John Carter might be recovered through The Avengers and Brave as both are projected to be highly profitable for the studio. That may not completely ease the blow, but at least the mouse house knows they have a couple sure things coming down the pipelines.

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