Star Trek’s John Cho Wants A Sulu Spinoff Movie


Disney’s made a lot of cash in franchising the heck out of the Star Wars saga in recent years, kickstarting another trilogy and developing various spinoff films, too. So maybe Paramount should think of doing something similar with Star Trek? But which of the Enterprise’s intrepid crew would be the most viable option to build a solo movie around?

Unsurprisingly, John Cho has an idea to make a standalone adventure starring his character Sulu, the ever-reliable helmsman of the Enterprise. When speaking to CNET about what the Trek equivalent of Star Wars spinoffs like Solo would be, Cho didn’t hesitate to come up with the perfect answer:

“If Solo, why not Sulu?”

The phonetic similarity between Trek‘s Sulu and Wars‘ scruffy-looking nerf herder is something that apparently causes a lot of trouble for Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine, on the set of Star Trek, as Cho went on to say:

“I don’t know if there is a day shooting Star Trek where Chris Pine did not call me Solo.”

The actor was then pressed for info on what he’s doing next and revealed that he’s working on a new movie that he can’t currently say anything about. Searching director Aneesh Chaganty, who was also participating in the interview, then chimed in by commenting that Cho’s actually working on the Sulu film.  “Yeah. Sulu: The Star Trek Story,” added the actor.

Though we sadly don’t expect to see Cho’s dreams become a reality anytime soon, at least we’ll see him again in Star Trek 4. That said, it looks like he’ll be appearing without his captain, as Chris Pine’s apparently not returning due to a pay dispute with Paramount. What’s more, Chris Hemsworth – who was intended to make a return as James T.’s father George – stepped away from the movie, too.

No doubt the studio’s doing everything it can to get back its two leading men, but if the negotiations fall through again, maybe John Cho might want to formally pitch Sulu: A Star Trek Story to them?