Check Out John Cusack And Emma Roberts In First Photos From Adult World

After starting her career with teen and family flicks like Wild Child and Hotel For Dogs, Emma Roberts looks to be making a shift to the, err,  Adult World. After making the transition from kiddy movies to slasher horror Scream 4, Roberts is taking it down a notch for Adult World, a comedy drama by Scott Coffey co-starring John Cusack. And whaddya know, a bunch of new photos from the film just landed online today.

Roberts plays Amy Anderson, a recent college graduate with a degree in poetry who moves back in with her parents to begin what she hopes will be a dazzling literary career. Those with a degree in poetry (ahem) will know only too well the disappointment of realising the only way to pay your bills is to get a job in a biscuit factory. Or failing that, an adult book store.  After acquiring a stack of rejection letters, Amy indeed can only find employment at an adult book store wherein she meets a gang of quirky sorts, including Manny (American Horror Story‘s lycra psycho, Evan Peters), his transvestite buddy, Rubia and local author hero, Rat Billings (Cusack).

The cast extends to include Shannon Woodward, Cloris Leachman and John Cullum in what sounds to be a spin on the traditional and completely false ideal perpetuated in film that once you get a degree, you’re set for life. John Cusack seems perfect in the role of punk poet Billings, who agrees to help Amy get published. Of course, he would probably get punched in the face by his High Fidelity geezer, Rob, for being an artiste.

Similarities to Ghost World are apparent and that’s not a smug swipe at the title. The young woman leaving academia to discover the real world is difficult to navigate, who then befriends an older, wiser man who bestows wisdom upon her  — sounds familiar, eh? If Adult World can be half as sharp as Ghost World is, it’ll be one to look forward to next year.

No release date has been set for the film – but we’ll keep you posted when more details are announced. Until then, check out the first images below.

What are your thoughts on Emma Roberts and John Cusack teaming up for Adult World? And aren’t the photos lovely? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

(Source: Indiewire)

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