John Hillcoat Will Work With Shia LaBeouf Again On Triple Nine

John Hillcoat has just premiered Lawless at the Cannes film festival to fairly positive reviews. Though it was nearly scrapped completely at one point, the film pulled through and it even has some Awards buzz surrounding it now.

Hillcoat is looking to continue his hot streak and over the weekend, the director revealed to The Playlist that he will reunite with his Lawless star Shia LaBeouf for a new film called Triple Nine.

The film has been in development for a while and while Hillcoat did say that he’d be open to working with some of his other Lawless stars on the film, he only confirmed LaBeouf’s involvement. Like Lawless, Triple Nine will be a crime film. It revolves around “a group of crooked L.A. police officers who realize they must shoot one of their own in order to get away with planning a major heist.”

Tom[Hardy].. .Guy [Pearce]… I’ve had the great fortune of working with, they’re all collaborative actors that it would be great to keep working together like Nick and my production designer and wardrobe designer, that’s why we keep doing it,” Hillcoat said. “But [‘Triple Nine’] is next, they’re not all in it because of schedules and such but Shia is and we’ll see where it goes.”

Though I haven’t seen Lawless, seeing as I’m not currently in Cannes, I do hear good things about it and I am really excited for it to hit theatres. Hillcoat is a great director and I’m a big fan of his 2005 film The Proposition. Lawless seems to carry that same gritty and dark tone and the cast that Hillcoat has assembled is nothing short of excellent.

Due to Hillcoat’s involvement alone I’m interested in Triple Nine, but now that LaBeouf is attached, things are looking even better. The fact that they’re teaming up again must mean that they worked well together on Lawless and that they want to continue their working relationship. If the positive reviews on Lawless that are coming out of Cannes are true, then that’s perfectly fine by me.