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John Krasinski Says A Quiet Place 2 Will Be A Unique Experience

John Krasinski has teased plans for the sequel to his hit film A Quiet Place, and according to him, it'll be a unique experience.

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place was one of the most successful films this year in the resurgent horror genre. Though it was produced by noted creep Michael Bay and his one-time horror remake factory Platinum Dunes, the piece was a critical and financial darling. It grossed over $300 million on an estimated budget of $20 million and shortly got an announced sequel thereafter.

While Krasinski has commented on some venues he wants to explore in the next film, not much is known about the endeavor aside from the occasional drip of information. However, a new article did shed a bit more light on his intentions, and according to the filmmaker, the movie will be something fresh and not just a rehash.

“I actually didn’t want anything to do with a sequel. Not out of any negative aversion but that I thought we had sort of explored something really special and unique. And then I had this very small idea and what it was is that this is a world that you can play in. This isn’t just a character to remake, or a group of characters or a story, it’s actually a world. Which is a whole different, very unique experience.”

This seems to be the route a lot of sequels should take when one thinks about it. Ripley’s story ended at Alien 3, but they kept shoehorning her in. When you have a massive world which spans literally a whole planet or planets, go out into the random corners.

Show me, as I’ve said before, magic in Africa or Afghanistan in the Harry Potter films, let me see what’s happening away from the Skywalkers in Star Wars, and for the sequel to A Quiet Place, ditch the family from the first one or at least minimize them a bit. Personally, I’d want to check out what happens to a town beside a waterfall – are they doing fine?

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