Will John C. Reilly Star In The Hunger Games?

One of the films that is currently attracting a lot of casting news right now is The Hunger Games. With Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson taking the starring roles, the supporting cast is starting to be filled in and one of the major roles left to fill is that of Haymitch Abernathy, who is apparently the Dumbledore of series. In other words, it’s a big role. It’s also the last major role left to be filled. And now we’re hearing that John C. Reilly may be the man who fills it.

/Film describes the role as the following:

A former champion, one of the most famous people in the country, but because he has to mindlessly participate in sending little kids to their inevitable deaths year after year, he pretty much spends all his time getting trashed. He’s now something of a punch line. However, when he meets Katniss and Peeta, he sees that maybe this time the kids he’s responsible for have a chance to win and he – kind of – begins to turn himself around.

Vulture tells us that the actor will receive the offer shortly and this is likely why his talks to star in Oz: The Great and Powerful have slowed down. It’s not official yet but when it is we’ll let you know. Expect to hear more on this within the next week or so.

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