John Stewart Will Lead The DCEU’s Green Lantern Franchise


Ever since 2011’s Green Lantern turned out to be a flop, Warner Bros. has been struggling to get a new, improved version of the super-powered corps off the ground. For a while there, Green Lantern Corpsintended to be a cosmic buddy cop movie – was scheduled for 2020 but obviously, that’s not happening anymore. The reboot of the Lanterns doesn’t seem to be going anywhere too quickly, then, but we have received some new info on the direction it’ll take.

We Got This Covered has been told that John Stewart will be the lead of the DCEU’s Green Lantern franchise. Ryan Reynolds played Hal Jordan, traditionally the most famous of the GLs, in the 2011 movie, but our source tells us that Stewart will be the next face of the Lantern Corps when they finally make their debut in the DCEU.

Jordan won’t be left out completely, however, as we’re told he’ll feature in a lesser role. It doesn’t sound like a buddy cop scenario is still on the cards, though, as Jordan is supposedly in for a dark fate. Our intel says that Hal will either die soon into the story or he’ll turn into a villain – presumably Parallax, as in the comics.

While this is what the current plan is, we’ve been told to stress that things could always change. That being said, using Stewart over Jordan does make sense. For one, fans have been excitedly casting the character in fan art for years now and already, American GodsRicky Whittle is a firm favorite (see above). Likewise, we’ve previously brought you the news that WB wants more black heroes in the DCEU, so Stewart would fit with that aim as well.

Tell us, though, what direction do you think the DCEU’s Green Lantern franchise should go in? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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