Will John Travolta And Nicolas Cage Face Off Again?

Despite the title of this article, there is no sequel to the 1997 film Face/Off, at least not one that I know of. But, that doesn’t mean the two stars of John Woo’s hit film won’t get a second chance to square off against each other. It’s been 14 years since the two went head to head and now Vulture is telling us that Cage and Travolta may have two films together that are currently in the works. The first is Shrapnel, an Evan Dougherty script that was on 2008’s Black List. It follows ” a former Bosnian soldier who seeks vengeance against the American who badly wounded him by disguising a deadly war game as a friendly backwoods hunting trip.” Director John McTiernan was set to direct but with his current legal troubles, who knows if that will still happen.

The second project is an adaptation of Frank De Felitta’s novel Sea Trial. Raymond De Felitt, who wrote and directed City Island would helm the project and apparently they are still looking for funding before they can move forward. Check out the plot summary below.

Tracey and Phil are lovers. They have planned a romantic cruise as the perfect ending to a perfect affair. But the Penny Dreadful, the yacht on which they have chosen to sail, was never intended for pleasure. Nor are Catain and Mrs McCracken the pleasant, middle-aged couple they seem.

Soon the accidents begin: a series of accidents. And then the chores and deprivations in an ever-tihtening chain of punishments and hardships. It is as though they have embareked on a passage through fire, a cruise through hell.

Tracey Hansen and Philip Sobel are about to be initiated into the rites and ways of evil.

Both films sound very promising, especially Shrapnel. Travolta and Cage are obviously eager to work together and it would be safe to say that at least one of these projects will get off the ground sometime soon. Face/Off was a great film and I loved the chemistry and interplay between Travolta and Cage as they went head to head. Although both have aged considerably since then, I think they could still deliver and I’d be down to see any movie that stars the two of them facing off against each other.

What do you think?