John Travolta Pulls Off An Impossible Heist In First Trailer For The Forger


The first trailer for Philip Martin’s The Forger arrives today, along with a brand new poster showcasing the film’s leading trio: John Travolta, Christopher Plummer and Tye Sheridan.

In the movie, Travolta stars as master art forger Raymond Cutter, who makes a deal with a crime syndicate to initiate his early release from prison. As a trade, he must embark on an impossible heist; forge a painting by Claude Monet, steal the original from a museum and replace it with a replica so perfect that no one will notice. Along to assist him in this risky mission are his father (Plummer) and son (Sheridan).

From the outset, the trailer promises a gritty, thrilling actioner – in similar vein to last year’s The Art Of The Steal. As it progresses and more of the story and character begin to unravel, it crosses into unexpected territory. Character-wise, there are touches of Travolta’s Pulp Fiction persona Vincent Vega in his performance, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For the most part, the trailer possesses all of the necessary genre tricks that suggest this crime caper might be worth checking out at the end of the month.

Abigail Spencer, Marcus Thomas, Travis Aaron Wade, Lyndon Smith, Anson Mount and Jennifer Ehle also star in The Forger, which arrives on DirecTV March 26th and theaters and On Demand April 24th.