John Wick 4 BTS Clip Reminds The Internet Why Everybody Loves Keanu Reeves


Is there a greater Canadian export than Keanu Reeves?

If you can find it, be sure to let the internet know because, right now, at least, the actor is scoring serious good guy points on Twitter. As posted by @Todd_Spence, Reeves has been spotted hauling several large cases of equipment up a flight of stairs believed to be the property of a production crew involved with John Wick 4. Reeves definitely looks the part—wearing the usual highly-tailored suit Wick always wears while on the job—associated with his latest, most prolific role, and fans have exploded in unison with adoration over this latest gesture.

Check out the clip for yourselves below.

Unsurprisingly, the clip has renewed calls for Reeves to get his own spot on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

Others have recalled their experiences with similar actors willing to help out when they’re not required to.

The Dave Grohl of the film industry?

You can’t go wrong by using Reeves as a role model, apparently.

Others have voiced concerns over the Hollywood star facing repercussions from unions for his best intentions.

With any luck, there’ll be no such complications arising from what’s clearly just a desire to help colleagues out.

You can next see Keanu Reeves on the big screen when The Matrix Resurrections opens in theaters on December 24.