John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Finally Reveals John Wick’s Real Name


There are plenty of twists and turns in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, but perhaps none more so than the revelation that the protagonist’s name is actually just a pseudonym. The assassin who the entire franchise is named after isn’t actually really named John Wick.

At one point in the movie, the titular character hides from hitmen in an old theater, where a mysterious woman is training killers, dancers and fighters. The audience soon learns that this is The Director, played by Academy Award winner Anjelica Houston, who raised John Wick to be an assassin. Their connection is palpable from the beginning, as the elderly trainer repeatedly calls her former trainee “Jardani.”

It’s easy to assume that this is a nickname or a pet name in a foreign language and it isn’t until later in the film that viewers learn what the name actually means. Wick gives a moving speech in which he proclaims, “I am Jardani Jovonovich.”

Whether this is his given birth name or the name The Director gave to him once she took him in is unknown. And why Wick decided to change his name later on in life is also a mystery. While the third film in the series manages to give moviegoers a glimpse into the protagonist’s life, it also still manages to keep a lot of his past a secret.

Maybe more will be revealed about this sudden identity change in subsequent John Wick films, which have the potential to keep being made for a very long time. The fourth installment of the franchise is already in development and Ian McShane has said on the record that he believes the series can continue for at least another decade.

Either way, though, the prequel gave away much more of Wick’s past than most moviegoers thought it would. There are still many secrets left to learn, sure, but the revelation of John Wick‘s true identity is one that should keep fans satisfied for the foreseeable future.