Johnny Depp Is Making His Don Quixote Film Without Terry Gilliam

Despite their decade-long struggle to get a film made out of Cervantes’ Don Quixote – a book whose scope and length has reduced many a patient reader to sobs and tears – Johnny Depp is apparently moving on without Terry Gilliam for an adaptation with Disney, presumably because he secretly wants Tim Burton to get involved instead. Yes, Depp’s own production company has partnered with the House of Mouse for a “modern-re-imagining” of the classic tale, a classic tale that will absolutely get the treatment it deserves through the hiring of Hot Tub Time Machine‘s Steve Pink as screenwriter.

Depp and Gilliam’s perilous attempt to transform Quixote cinematically can be glimpsed in 1997’s documentary Lost In La Mancha, in which Gilliam’s personal journey is contrasted with that of the novel’s titular character, despite the fact that funding and weather issues and elderly cast members prevent him from ever getting the thing made.

Perhaps fearful that Don Quixote will get made elsewhere if he doesn’t snap up the opportunity to film it at some point soon, the project also gives Johnny Depp another chance to dress up and talk in a funny voice, should he decide to cast himself in the movie. Don’t worry, Johnny… you go ahead and make this. It’s not like this is Terry Gilliam’s dream project or something.

Source: The Film Stage