Johnny Depp Poised For Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Commitment

Johnny Depp looks likely to return as camp cockney corsair Captain Jack Sparrow in the fifth flamboyant outing of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, according to TheWrap. Depp reportedly took home $55 million for his role in On Stranger Tides, bringing his total earnings for the franchise to around $350 million.

With shiploads of money floating around and no signs of audiences becoming fatigued, it looks likely that this particular schooner might sail for at least a decade if it can retain its lynchpin star.

A draft script is floating around the project and being beaten into shape by producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Depp will allegedly only sign up if he is a fan of its content, but since he will probably be paid with enough booty to buy his own Caribbean island, he would be a fool to say no.

It seems as if JD can do no wrong at the moment, with his name attached to other recent billion dollar Disney movies such as Alice in Wonderland.

We may have watched the quirky outsider of the 80s and 90s turn into a middle aged multi-millionaire who only does kids films, but his irascible charm is keeping Depp buoyant in my heart.