Johnny Depp Has Reportedly Met With Marvel For Multiple Roles

Johnny Depp

Having recently asked to delay his latest court proceedings in order to shoot Fantastic Beasts 3, it looks like Johnny Depp will be spending a lot more time in the courtroom as his messy legal battles with ex-wife Amber Heard continue. And though the 57 year-old might have been dropped from his lucrative and career-defining role as Jack Sparrow as Disney moves forward on two Pirates of the Caribbean movies without his involvement, based on recent speculation, there’s plenty of other franchises he could end up joining.

As well as his continuing presence as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts series, concerns over a lack of job offers have reportedly resulted in longtime friend Robert Downey Jr. extending an invitation for Depp to board Sherlock Holmes 3, in what would admittedly be a great aesthetic fit for one of the industry’s most eccentric and bohemian talents.

Not only that, but we heard a couple of weeks back that the frequent Tim Burton collaborator had reached out to Marvel with the idea of him playing Ghost Rider villain Bounty Hunter. And while that’s still an option on the table, we’ve been told by our sources – the same ones who said Ben Affleck was returning in The Flash and National Treasure 3 is in development, both of which were correct – that Depp is actually discussing multiple potential parts in the comic book franchise.

According to our intel, as well as Bounty Hunter, Depp’s talks with the studio have also seen the conversation turn to Corsair, who leads the Starjammers and is the father of Cyclops and Havok, as well as the villainous Korvac, who’s been linked to the role of Captain Marvel 2‘s major antagonist. While nothing is set in stone just yet, we can confirm that Depp’s had talks about each of these roles and the longer the conversations between both sides continue, the more likely it seems that the actor may indeed be joining the MCU.