Johnny Knoxville reveals when he knew Steve-O was going to be famous

johnny knoxville jackass
Jackass Forever / YouTube

Jackass Forever is heading to theaters next week, with fans going into the film knowing the laughter will be nonstop, and the debauchery will be out in force. From the launched Porta Potty to the slip n’ bowl, and of course the bad grandpa himself Irving Zisman, the stunts performed are often so intense they’re hard to watch.

Most enthusiasts of the original TV show and its feature-length continuations can agree there are several times we’ve watched Jackass through the cracks between our fingers waiting to see if the worst is over, but that’s part of the appeal. The gang tests limits that most are too terrified to even contemplate, knowing they’re doing something that will definitely leave a mark of some description.

The crew recently looked back at some of their best stunts in an interview with Uproxx, and Johnny Knoxville had this to say about the moment he knew Steve-O would be famous.

“It was an idea that I saved for a special occasion. I thought it was going to be a real banger. I’ll never forget after this, I said, ‘Well Steve-O, if you’re not already famous, you’re gonna be now.'”

It’s a nod to the stunt that, without even knowing what Knoxville would say next, most of us knew what he was going to reference. It involved a live goldfish being swallowed before Steve-O regurgitated it alive and well into safer aquatic pastures, and well, the rest is history. Obviously, we should point out that no goldfish were harmed in the making of Jackass.