Watch: Awesome Joker 2 Fan Trailer Promises An Epic Follow-Up


While there’ve been conflicting reports about whether a sequel is in development for Todd Phillips’ Joker, fans want to show Warner Bros. that they’re willing to go to great lengths to prove that the movie has potential for a follow-up.

Joaquin Phoenix’s unique take on the Clown Prince of Crime not only managed to become the highest-grossing R-rated film in history, but also scooped up many awards this season, cementing the pic’s success as one of the most talked-about titles in recent memory. While some reports indicate that a sequel is already in the early stages of development with Phoenix set to return, the actor himself is insistent that the movie doesn’t need a follow-up, even though he previously claimed that he’s always been open to reprising his role.

But the future of Arthur Fleck remains a big topic of speculation at this point and fans obviously can’t wait to learn more. In fact, we’ve even heard that the sequel will push forward and introduce us to the real Joker. After all, many people suspect that Arthur wasn’t the real Clown Prince of Crime.

Whatever the outcome, though, a new fan trailer posted on YouTube, which you can check out above, proves that Warner Bros. would do well to develop a sequel to their critically acclaimed movie in the coming years by highlighting the potential of the story and the insanity caused by Fleck’s deeds in Gotham City.

As seen above, the trailer seamlessly blends several shots from the original movie and a few other productions, including Netflix’s Mindhunter, to give us an idea of what the sequel to Phillips’ Joker could look like. It’s another impressive effort from editor Billy Crammer and certainly has us hopeful that WB will indeed bring us more.

What do you think about this new video, though? Should Warner Bros. do a follow-up, or do you agree with the sentiment that the movie should remain on its own? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: YouTube