‘Joker 2’ has just announced a 2024 release date

joker 2 folie a deux musical
Credit: Warner Bros. Productions

Joker was one of 2019’s most popular and groundbreaking films. The crime thriller was a massive hit with critics and fans, with many praising Joaquin Phoenix’s memorable performance in the title role. Since then, fans have been crying out for a Joker sequel, and now we can finally confirm when the clown prince of crime will return to the big screen soon. 

According to Deadline, the sequel, currently named Joker: Folie à Deux, will be landing in cinemas on October 4, 2024. The film has been at the center of a lot of speculation. Many rumors suggest that the movie will be a musical. This was seemingly confirmed when Lady Gaga was approached to be in it. 

Little is known about the story at the current time. However, it has been confirmed that Joaquin Phoenix will reprise his role from the first film. And, based on rumors, he will be paid $20 million to re-apply the clown make-up for this sequel. 

Interestingly, Folie à deux, or “the folly of two,” is an older psychological term for Shared Delusional Disorder. A condition where a delusional belief and its symptoms are passed from one person to another. This suggests that Arthur Fleck won’t be the only character embracing his darker side in this movie.