Joker’s The First Film In Ten Years To Top UK Box Office For Six Weeks


Here’s something we didn’t think was possible. It’s been announced recently that Joker has actually caught up to Avatar in the UK box office charts when it comes to one specific record. In case you haven’t heard, it’s now been at the top for six consecutive weeks, which is something that hasn’t been achieved since Cameron’s epic did it back in 2009.

The achievements just keep coming as well, as it’s also now the fourth highest grossing film in the UK for 2019, taking about £1.7 million this weekend alone. Furthermore, it’s earned an estimated £54 million (just shy of $70 million) across the pond, bringing its worldwide total to a whopping $985 million. It’s also (we’re not done yet) considered one of the most profitable comic book films of all time and one of the highest grossing R-rated movies ever. Take that Deadpool!

Fans and audiences the world over may not be too surprised by how well it’s doing, but these latest figures should still give them pause for thought knowing that it’s currently performing even better than Avatar. You know, that little James Cameron flick that’s considered one of the biggest films in history. That lil’ ol’ thing.

Okay, we’re done gushing about everything Joker has achieved. But seriously, the incredible accomplishments of the pic cannot be understated. It’s an absolute juggernaut and if you haven’t watched it yet, well, what are you even doing with your lives?

Also, we apologize for reeling off all that data up there, but we think it’s important to let the facts speak for themselves. Joker is a hugely popular and successful film and a sequel, which is reportedly already in development, will definitely go down a storm. Let’s just hope we get an official announcement on that front soon.