The Joker Breaks Down Crying In New Leaked Set Video


Studios are becoming excessively stingy when it comes to divulging the details of their biggest franchise films, so there’s something fairly refreshing about the steady stream of pics and videos we’ve been getting from the upcoming Joker movie. Granted, these haven’t been coming from Warner Bros. themselves, but all the content we’re seeing lately has been very welcome regardless.

Though the Todd Phillips-helmed film is still over a year away from reaching cinemas, we’ve already laid eyes on Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker makeup. While the recent teaser that Phillips shared last week offered only a fleeting glimpse of Arthur Fleck’s smiling, painted face, we’ve since seen a video of the character casually strolling out of a subway train while his fellow passengers flee in panic. Not to mention that numerous set photos have poured out over the past few days, too.

It’s fair to say we’ve been treated to an awful lot of Phoenix’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime lately, but the paparazzi just aren’t letting up – much to the dismay of Phillips. Today, the barrage continues, with a new video that depicts Mr. J breaking down into tears while in a phone booth. We’re not sure what it is that’s got him so upset, but it’s surely at least one of the things that’ll lead him down the path to becoming the iconic DC villain we’re all familiar with.

Described by the studio as a “gritty character study,” Joker will place the spotlight on Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck, a failing comedian who eventually becomes the criminal mastermind we know him as today. But while we’ve gotten numerous looks at the film’s Cesar Romero-inspired Clown Prince of Crime already, we still don’t know much more about the plot other than what we just mentioned.

With Joker now in production, though, we imagine story details will begin to trickle out ahead of its October 4th, 2019 release. Until then, however, feel free to head on down to the comments section and share your early thoughts on how things are shaping up for the origins movie.