Joaquin Phoenix Becomes The Clown Prince On Haunting Joker Fan Art


Warner Bros. is plowing ahead with its Joker standalone movie that exists outside the mainstream DC universe. As directed by The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips and produced by Martin Scorsese, Joaquin Phoenix is set to star as the titular Clown Prince of Crime, and while fans are naturally mixed about the idea of yet another iteration of the popular Batman villain, it’s hard not to get excited about what Phoenix could do with the part.

Those DC fans who are artistically-inclined have naturally vented their excitement into awesome artwork which imagines what the Her star might look like as the Joker. As the character’s always being reinvented, there are various ways that things could go. For instance, one effort depicted Phoenix looking manic while firing a joke gun, while another went for an intriguing angle that gave the villain a flaky skin condition.

This latest piece of artwork from Reddit user @Thomasp003 suggests a more somber take on the master criminal which could fit in with the old fashioned gangster movie vibe we’ve been told Phillips’ film is attempting to cultivate. While the colors of his costume are muted, the familiar purple suit’s in check and the wide-brimmed hat’s a neat callback to The Killing Joke. Speaking of which, the photo gives Phoenix the distinctive white skin but not the fixed grin.

Check it out, along with those aforementioned past efforts, in the gallery below:

It’s generally accepted that the Joker’s origins are tied into his fall into a chemical vat that bleached his skin and mutilated his face. However, The Dark Knight famously portrayed him as a man with a “Glasgow smile” scar across his cheeks instead. We’re not too sure which direction Phoenix’s iteration will explore, but we’d imagine that the comic book accurate origin might be a bit far-fetched for this more gritty and grounded movie.

Tell us, are you looking forward to seeing Joaquin Phoenix play the Joker? Dive into the chemical vat that is the comments section and have your say.