Jessica Chastain Hails Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Performance As One Of The All-Time Greatest


For all of the hustle and bustle surrounding Todd Phillips’ standalone Joker movie, audiences were in agreement when they hailed Joaquin Phoenix’s performance.

The superlatives came in thick and fast – magnetic, mesmerizing, Oscar-worthy… you name it – so it should come as no surprise that Warner Bros. are reportedly exploring potential avenues for a Joker sequel, one which may well take place years after the first.

Right now, though, moviegoers across the globe are watching Phoenix’s performance with bated breath. That includes some of Hollywood’s biggest names, too, as Daredevil and Jurassic World actor Vincent D’Onofrio took to Twitter to praise Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as the titular Clown Prince of Crime. Going one step further, Jessica Chastain went so far as to claim that this performance was, and we quote, “one of the greatest pieces of acting” she’s ever seen.

See for yourself:

There’s no question that Joaquin Phoenix carried much of Joker on his own, skeletal shoulders, so we’re pleased to see him get the recognition he deserves – and from Jessica Chastain, no less, who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood all throughout her illustrious career.

Perhaps this will all lead to the much-touted Oscar nomination for Phoenix? Time will tell. Joker is still playing in theaters across the globe and is well on its way to box office royalty. The standalone DC flick is nearing $750 million worldwide, putting it neck and neck with Deadpool, the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time at $783M.

It’s fair to say Joker still has some miles left in the tank, given it’s about to enjoy its fourth weekend at the box office, so we fully expect Gotham’s Clown Prince to surpass the Merc With a Mouth when all is said and done.