Joker Sets Another New Box Office Record For October


DC’s Clown Prince of Crime is a force to be reckoned with at the global box office.

Still riding high after its historic opening weekend, Joker officially notched a further $9.72 million at yesterday’s box office – an October record, no less – pushing its domestic tally past $105M at the time of writing. That’s a Monday record good enough to best September’s previous champions, including New Line’s It ($8.76M), the R-rated Logan ($7.2M) and the ill-fated Justice League movie ($7.5M).

Joker‘s four-day domestic gross now stands at a whopping $105.9M which, combined with overseas ticket sales, makes for a global total of $248.2M. That’s a career-best opening for the film’s core trifecta: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, and director Todd Phillips.

Looking further afield, and Joker‘s biggest competitors at this weekend’s box office arrive in the form of The Addams Family, Paramount and Ang Lee’s Gemini Man, and Jexi from Lionsgate. Of the three, Gemini Man is likely to enjoy the biggest splash, given it has Will Smith’s name on the masthead, but the preliminary forecast indicates that Joker will remain perched at the tip-top of the box office.

Once word of mouth begins to spread, there’s no telling how high Joker will climb as we approach the crucial second weekend. It’s already inches away from the $250M milestone, so $300M certainly isn’t out of the question. Either way, this success story – one steeped in controversy – will no doubt fuel Warner’s enthusiasm to create standalone character studies set beyond the parameters of the DC Extended Universe. Up next? Two-Face, the crooked attorney better known to you, I and the people of Gotham City as Harvey Dent.

Source: Deadline