Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix To Wear Same Suit Entire Awards Season To Reduce Waste


Joaquin Phoenix is intent on practicing what he preaches. Following his rousing Golden Globes acceptance speech, the renowned actor announced that he’s planning to wear the same suit to all of the big award show events this year as a way to reduce waste. The 45-year-old star has already been nominated for several big honors for his performance as the titular antihero in Joker and is expected to nab at least a few more before all is said and done.

While it’s customary for performers to switch up their outfits for all of the many different awards shows, Phoenix says he won’t be doing that. Instead, he’ll wear the same Stella tuxedo to every event. This is all part of his goal to help inspire others to take personal responsibility in saving the planet.

Personally, I feel like this is a really awesome pledge for anybody in Hollywood to make. Picking out a different suit to wear to all of these shows does seem like a colossal waste, after all, so hopefully Phoenix’s actions will inspire others in the industry to do the same thing. Though the recycling of outfits likely won’t have that big of an impact on saving the environment, it’s just one of many small steps that everyone can take to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind.

Despite his offscreen controversies, Phoenix is currently the favorite to win the Academy Award for Best Actor. If he does take home the gold for Joker, it’ll be his first win in four nominations. Regardless, it’s pretty cool that he’s trying to reduce waste as much as he can and this is a lesson to all of us that everyone should be trying to save the earth in any way we possibly can.

Source: Twitter