Joker Actor Is Now Part Of Three Different Comic Book Movie Universes

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Joker features a number of familiar faces in either small supporting roles or cameos and one of the most notable is Brian Tyree Henry, who turns up as an administrative clerk at Arkham State Hospital. It’s not a huge part or anything, but the Atlanta star’s appearance in the Joaquin Phoenix-starring film means that he’s now involved with three different comic book movie universes.

Henry voiced Jefferson Davis, father to Miles Morales, in last year’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse from Sony and this past summer, he was revealed to be part of the ensemble cast for Marvel’s The Eternalsplaying Phastos. His role in Joker isn’t as significant as these two characters but nonetheless, he’s achieved a rare feat.

A lot of actors have shown up in both Marvel and DC movies, but few have managed to tick off a trio of superhero universes. J.K. Simmons is another, of course, having played J. Jonah Jameson for Sony and in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Far From Home and Commissioner Gordon in Justice League. 

Tyree Henry’s Spider-Verse co-star Mahershala Ali, who’s locked in to star as Blade in the upcoming reboot, could’ve done it as well if he hadn’t pulled out of playing Jim Gordon in The Batman. Ryan Reynolds, meanwhile, could also soon qualify, as he’ll have played Deadpool under Fox and Marvel as well as portraying DC’s Green Lantern.

Expect to see Henry return as Miles’ dad in the inevitable Spider-Verse sequel, with his Eternals role likely leading to numerous appearances in the MCU. Given that – spoiler warning! – Arthur Fleck is incarcerated in Arkham by the end of Joker, it’s not impossible that he could turn up in that purported sequel as well. So, it’s feasible that Henry could be the first actor to appear in multiple films across three superhero movie franchises.