Jon Bernthal On Whether The Punisher Will Ever Meet The Avengers


Avengers: Infinity War is set to unite every hero on the movie side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this May, but for some fans, that’s just not enough. Ever since the House of Ideas started building its Defenders corner of the MCU on Netflix, people have been calling for characters like DaredevilJessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage to team up with the Avengers on the big screen.

Unfortunately, we’ve routinely heard – from those involved on both sides – that this is very unlikely to happen and, not only that, but it doesn’t sound like everyone is even on board with it. Speaking at Ace Comic Con this weekend, Jon Bernthal, who plays The Punisher, revealed that he doesn’t really have any desire to appear in an MCU film. That’s not to say he’d turn down the opportunity, just that he’s fine with sticking to Netflix.

“For me, it’s not about — I have no aspirations or desire to do anything besides what I’m doing. I love this character, I believe in him, he’s in my bones, I feel honored to play him, and I want to keep playing him,” Bernthal explained. “So in all honesty, there’s no part of me that says, ‘Oh, I hope I’m in the movies.’ It’s whatever it’ll be.”

Continuing on, the actor made sure to note that if he ever did rub shoulders with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the one person he’d be most excited to work with is Tom Holland.

There’s one character and one actor that I just have the utmost respect for in the Marvel Universe and without a question it’s Tom. He’s equal parts a good person as a great actor, and he does all that stuff himself, he’s a sick athlete, he’s got a great family and I think the world of him.”

It’s nice to hear that Jon Bernthal is perfectly content with sticking to the small screen when it comes to playing The Punisher, as like we mentioned above, it doesn’t seem like the characters in the Netflix corner of the MCU are going to be working alongside the Avengers anytime soon – if ever. Still, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see it happen. Just imagine some of the awesome team-ups that could result from it, like Frank Castle and Spidey.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though. For now, The Punisher will be remaining on the aforementioned streaming service and given how well he’s been doing there, that’s perfectly fine with us.