Jon Landau Clears Up Avatar 2 Rumours

2014 is a long ways away, but that doesn’t mean that Avatar 2 news can’t start trickling out. In a recent talk with Empire Magazine, Jon Landau, the producer on Avatar, tackled a few different topics and rumours regarding the film. He talked about water worlds, Pandora, cliffhangers and more. Check it out below.

When asked about the water worlds, Landau said the following:

Water will be a part of the movie, but it won’t be all of the movie. There’s been a lot of rumors that it’s an underwater movie – it’s not. Just like the Floating Mountains, and the Na’vi’s interaction with the mountains, were a part of Avatar, it’ll be the same type of thing.

When asked if the film would move off of Pandora, Landau said:

I think the next movie will stay on Pandora. That’d be my guess. Not all the answers are there yet, but I think we’re happy with Pandora.

In regards to cliffhangers and endings, Landau said:

The next [film] will kick off where the next last one ended, but, just like Avatar resolved itself and doesn’t feel like a set-up to another movie, you don’t want Avatar 2 to feel like a set up for 3.

So there you have it, not much but a bit of nice information. I was under the impression that the whole film would be underwater but Landau cleared that up and said it would only be part of the movie. Hopefully it will play a large role because I think the underwater scenes will be really cool, especially in 3D.

You can be sure that more and more news will start trickling out as production on the film begins. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.