Jon Watts Reveals Which Movies Have Influenced His Take On Spider-Man


Jon Watts received positive reviews for Cop Car, but so too did Marc Webb for (500) Days of Summer before he tackled The Amazing Spider-Man franchise with mixed results. The point is, Marvel has taken a big risk in hiring a similar type of filmmaker for their 2017 reboot, especially as many fans expected them to turn to someone with more experience in order to get this take on the wall-crawler right.

However, the director has so far been saying all the right things about his vision for Spider-Man, and his latest comments are in regards to which coming of age films have inspired his take on the character. He unfortunately wouldn’t reveal his favourite superhero movies out of fear of giving “away any of the things” which might make it into this reboot, but the following selection do offer some insight into how he plans to handle Peter Parker’s teenage years.

“I’m not really thinking about it in those terms. I’m thinking about it more as my favourite coming-of-age movies. … I love Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything and Almost Famous, I think those are really great coming-of-age movies. Can’t Buy Me Love is a really great one.”

That sounds like the right way to go, especially with a lot of talk about this Spider-Man movie having a “John Hughes vibe” to it.

Despite being set in high school, The Amazing Spider-Man did very little when it came to exploring Peter’s life there, while Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man only touched on it briefly before the hero went off to college. Whether or not Watts gets it right remains to be seen, but it’s sounding good so far, don’t you think?