Jon Watts’ Standalone Spider-Man Film To Be Titled Homecoming, According To Report


In what is potentially a very appropriate title for Jon Watts’ standalone reboot, the BBC has unearthed a report suggesting that Marvel plans on releasing the 2017 feature as Spider-Man Homecoming.

As the outlet points out, the folks at Sony Pictures – partnering with Marvel to usher Tom Holland’s Spidey onto the big screen – recently registered the URL ‘,’ fuelling speculation that the subtitle for Watts’ spinoff has been revealed ahead of time.


Currently, neither Marvel nor Sony has released anything official, so it’s best treating today’s rumor as just that.

Supposing that Homecoming will go on to become the official subtitle of 2017’s Spider-Man, both Marvel and Sony may pull from the 1980s comic book thread of the same name, which featured cameo appearances from both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark – Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., respectively.

But before you get too excited of a mini Avengers crossover, it’s more than likely that Watts and the remainder of the creative team will venture down a different creative avenue for the reboot, lending both Stark and Evans a period of respite before the all-consuming, two-part Infinity War.

Jon Watts’ Spider-Man reboot has been pegged for release on July 7, 2017. It’ll star Holland in the lead role, along with Marisa Tomei and more recently, singer Zendaya. Before that, we’ll be introduced to Tom Holland as your friendly neighborhood webslinger – Underoos! – when Captain America: Civil War blasts into theaters early next month.