Jonathan Bennett of ‘Mean Girls’ weds Jaymes Vaughn in Mexico

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 31: Jonathan Bennett speaks onstage during the Times Square New Year's Eve 2022 Celebration on December 31, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images)

It might not be October 3rd, but Jonathan Bennett is celebrating the most iconic and memorable day, as he announces his wedding to long-time partner Jaymes Vaughan.

Vaughan and Bennett were married on March 19 in an intimate ceremony at Mexico’s UNICO Hotel Riviera Maya, in front of just over 100 of their closest friends and loved ones — and images shared by PEOPLE show that Bennett’s hair still looks sexy pushed back.

Mean Girls references (which Bennett adores) aside, the pair are delighted to be married, and they both gave statements to PEOPLE that show how meaningful and important the ceremony was. Bennett shares that the ceremony was about more than just the couple coming together.

“As we were going through this process, we realized that our wedding is also more than just about us. It’s about the entire community.”

Vaughan shares that it was important to grow their family through their union. 

“When you’re part of the LGBTQ+ fam, not everything in the wedding space is for you yet. The whole purpose of our wedding is to come together and join the two of us together, join our families together and start a new family.”

Of course, the moment itself was powerful for the two of them; Vaughan shared that their emotions were all over the place during the ceremony.

“I got to marry my best friend! I knew we’d be emotional but I don’t think either of us realized just how overwhelming that moment would be until we were in it. Seeing him crying only made me cry harder, and then our guests cry harder, and then we’d all start laughing, and then all back into crying.”

In the days leading up to their nuptials, the couple shared a photo on the beautiful beach, enjoying time together on larger-than-life swings. The joy on their faces was palpable as they prepared to tie the knot.

The wedding was full of immensely personal details that made the ceremony unique and meaningful to them. The pair met at the altar, their ceremony being officiated by close friend Brian Tyler Cohen, after walking in to a tune that Vaughan wrote for Bennett.

Another profoundly personal touch was that guests all wore shades of white to the wedding, which is usually a big no-no. Bennett’s mother loved the color white, and having their guests adorned in her favorite color helped him feel closer to her during the big day.

We are sending our congratulations to the happy couple on their beautiful union.

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