Is Jordan Peele Making A Shared Cinematic Universe With Get Out And Us?


Coming from both the same genre and the same director, it was pretty inevitable that there’d be some visible parallels between Get Out and Us, and now that the twisted first trailer for the latter has dropped, the fans have been sent into speculation mode.

Specifically, many followers of Jordan Peele’s output are now wondering if his two feature films occupy the same reality, and seeing how just about every major movie needs to be slot into a cinematic universe these days, you can hardly blame them for giving the idea some consideration. So while any noticeable parallels between Get Out and Us could well just be a matter of Peele letting his distinct personality come through in his work, surely there’s no harm in letting these Twitter users spin their theories and fan fictions until the new movie confirms otherwise:

While you can definitely see some overlap in style and mood between Peele’s two movies, the filmmaker himself has recently clarified a few ways in which his next picture diverges from his last.

Earlier this month, for example, Peele explicitly stated that “unlike Get Out, Us is not about race. It is instead about something that I feel has become an undeniable truth. And that is the simple fact that we are our own worst enemies.” What’s more, the director has mentioned that Us is grounded “more firmly in the horror genre,” while still exhibiting his love of movies that are “twisted but fun.”

Of course, another way in which Us differs from Get Out is the high expectations it has to face following on from Peele’s Oscar-winning directorial debut. And we’ll find out if his sophomore effort can live up to the hype when the film hits theaters on March 15th, 2019.