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Jordan Peele Reportedly Offered A DC Movie To Direct

A new rumor claims that Academy Award winning Get Out and Us filmmaker Jordan Peele has been offered a DC movie.


Back when Jordan Peele was one half of a sketch comedy duo opposite Keegan-Michael Key, nobody could have predicted that he’d be an Academy Award-winning filmmaker with a reputation as one of the industry’s most talented and fastest-rising filmmakers just a couple of years later.

These days, Peele has his fingers in many pies as an actor, writer, director and producer, with his slate becoming increasingly packed. After the massive success of his directorial debut Get Out, which nabbed him an Oscar and scored three additional nominations including Best Picture and Best Director, he followed it up with another smash it in Us.

Between the release of his sophomore effort and next year’s Nope, he’s developed, produced and/or co-written Spike Lee’s BlackKklansman, box office topper Candyman, The Twilight Zone reboot, Lovecraft Country and Amazon’s Hunters. In short, the dude is busy. However, a new report claims that he’s been offered the chance to add yet another project to his plate, this time in the form of a DC Comics blockbuster.

That’s the beginning and end of the information, so there’s no word as to what it is, how far along discussions may or may not be, or even how interested Peele is, so it’s all pretty vague. Of course, we should point out that the 42-year-old signed a five-year exclusive film and television development deal with Universal in October 2019, so quite how Warner Bros. would be able to negate that with a DC blockbuster also remains unclear, adding another layer of opacity to the initial and unconfirmed report.

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