Jordan Peele Reveals Another Alternate Ending For Get Out


I think it’s safe to say that if any film with a small budget flew in under the radar and surprised us all in 2017, it was most definitely Get Out. Having raked in over $250 million dollars worldwide, writer/director Jordan Peele reaffirmed that big ideas are still capable of generating buzz similar to that of anything with a big budget.

Really, it’s no wonder that it made our list compiling last year’s best horror movies and is nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Peele), Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya), and Best Original Screenplay (Peele, again). In other words, Get Out stands a chance of walking away with at least one accolade when the lights go down on Sunday, March 4th.

Speaking of Peele, though, the director has been busy talking about his most recent effort ahead of the big night next month and in a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, he revealed another alternate ending he considered using for the film. This one wasn’t actually shot, unlike the other, but here’s how he describes it:

“I had several different [endings]. There was a while where it was more of a gated community, and we get to Chris breaking out, but right before he breaks out he meets some sort of final test that we don’t know how it ends. We cut to Rod a couple months later, breaking into the gated community, going down the main street and seeing Chris just looking into the reflection of a window. And he goes: ‘Chris, I’ve been looking for you. Are you OK?’ And Chris turns to him and goes, ‘I assure you, I don’t know who you’re talking about.’”

Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out

Explaining why he didn’t end up going with this conclusion, the director stated that he wanted an ending that “gives us a hero… that gives us an escape… gives us a positive feeling when we leave this movie.“ And that’s fair enough. I don’t think anyone is really complaining, either, as the film has received pretty much universal acclaim at this point.

As for what comes next for the Get Out helmer, well, we know that he’s already plotting another genre movie, though details on the project are understandably scarce at this time. And until we learn more, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that Peele’s fierce and timely directorial debut will find itself with at least a few awards come the Oscars.

Source: THR