Jordan Peele Will “Seriously Consider” A Get Out Sequel


I think it’s safe to say that if any film with a small budget flew in under the radar and surprised us all in 2017, it was most definitely Get Out. Having raked in over $250 million dollars worldwide, writer/director Jordan Peele reaffirmed that big ideas are still capable of generating buzz similar to that of anything with a big budget. Really, it’s no wonder that it made our list compiling last year’s best horror movies and is nominated for several Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Speaking of Peele, it was kind of cool to see him branch out from the realm of comedy and flex his muscles as a creator. Having been familiar with him since his days on Mad TV, I’m probably not alone in saying that you often expect certain actors to stay within their own comfort zone.

But as the late Robin Williams also taught us, some people can really throw you for a loop by capably tackling horror and drama. And with Get Out, I believe that Peele has handily proven he’s a renaissance man, to say the least.

Naturally, any film that achieves a great measure of success is bound to inspire some sequel talk, with this being no exception. When approached by The Hollywood Reporter on Nominee’s Night, Peele had this to offer on that very subject:

“I will definitely, seriously consider it. I love that universe and feel like there’s more story to tell. I don’t know what it is now, but there are some loose ends.”

And while the prospective sequel to Get Out may one day become a reality, it’s likely safe to assume that Peele will take his time and not do a followup just for the sake of cashing in. As you may know, he approached the original from a variety of angles, toying with different scenarios and endings before finding the right formula. Having taken that into account, we presume that he’ll take the same level of care should he expand upon the universe he’s established.