Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ was shot in 65mm Imax

Daniel Kaluuya Nope

Jordan Peele’s latest foray into horror, Nope, was shot with revolutionary techniques, the director revealed at CinemaCon.

65mm IMAX cameras were used to capture Nope, which Peele has hyped up as one of many “new techniques”, while also elaborating on its odd title.

Peele told the crowd that Nope will use filming techniques “we’ve never seen before”. “This film is definitely a ride,” he said at the Universal CinemaCon presentation, adding that the film’s title would “reflect what audiences are thinking and feeling in the theater”.

Nope stars Keke Palmer, who plays the woman running Hollywood’s only Black-owned horse ranch. The ranch becomes involved in intrigue and drama after an “uncanny and chilling discovery” — according to Peele, who refused to reveal more at CinemaCon — hits the town where the ranch is located.

Nope is scheduled to release July 22.

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