Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dismisses Ant-Man Rumor As “Nothing But Lies”


Though news swept across the web yesterday that Ant-Man director Edgar Wright had narrowed the pool of candidates for the film’s lead role down to just two actors, one of those stars just took himself out of the running.

The shortlist released yesterday, via Variety, reported that Wright was deliberating between Inception thesp Joseph Gordon-Levitt and This Is 40 star Paul Rudd. However, Gordon-Levitt shot down that claim today while speaking with French website AlloCine, saying, “There are always rumors. I talk a lot about my future projects, so if you haven’t heard me talk about it, it means it’s nothing but a rumor,” noting, “People like to write about [rumors].”

Gordon-Levitt added that rumors floating around the net saying he had passed any auditions or screen tests were “nothing but lies.”

Well, there you have it. While it would have been interesting to see Gordon-Levitt’s take on the iconic Marvel character, I’m still holding out hope that he could appear in DC’s Justice League movie as fast-talking superhero The Flash. Something about Gordon-Levitt’s screen presence and wise-cracking line delivery makes me think he would be stellar for that part.

No word yet from Rudd as to whether rumors of his potential involvement with the film are at all grounded in fact.

Rudd is certainly better suited for the role than Gordon-Levitt, but there’s still a smug suavity to his acting style that doesn’t feel like a good fit with brainiac scientist Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man, to me. Though Rudd’s performance could be a very interesting one, and I wouldn’t be unhappy if he landed the role, I’d personally rather see the role go to Simon Pegg, Ben Whishaw or Alan Tudyk. Pegg and Whishaw have ‘lovable nerd’ down, while Tudyk both looks the part and has a history with Avengers director Joss Whedon.

Who are your top picks for the role? Are you disappointed that we likely won’t get to see Gordon-Levitt’s take on the part? Let us know in the comments section!

Ant-Man, the first entry in Marvel’s Phase Three, will open on July 31st, 2015.