Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Rep Denies Justice League Role

The internet has allowed for rumors to rise up and spread at a terrifying rate, granting us time to speculate on what might be for roughly 24 hours before somebody steps in to squash our dreams. Today that fun-loving process dominates yesterday’s rumors that Joseph Gordon-Levitt had signed on to play Batman in a Justice League movie, only for his reps to announce today that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has – you guessed it – done no such thing. What a surprise (sarcasm: not a surprise).

Turns out that after did a little bit of rumor-chasing, somebody in Gordon-Levitt’s management team came out to refuse the rumors entirely. Makes perfect sense, given how Christopher Nolan’s Batman world would not likely fit in with that of Man Of Steel or the Justice League, given that all those other heroes have got powers and stuff and Christopher Nolan was taking notes from Michael Mann’s Big Book of Grittiness.

As for the Justice League movie, there’s been no official announcements as to casting or writing or directing, ensuring that at least fifty or so rumors will emerge soon enough as to who may or may not be taking those roles. Colin Trevorrow, perhaps? Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that to you.

What do you think, anyhow? Glad or sad that Joseph Gordon-Levitt won’t be involved in future DC installments?

Source: Total Film