Joseph Kosinski Speaks About TRON: Legacy Sequel

Speaking to Movie Web, TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski revealed some details on the upcoming sequel. It was reported earlier this week that Kosinski became the highest grossing first time director of all time, so a sequel is inevitable. The film has grossed $500 million (although a lot of that will go towards recuperating the budget/marketing costs), and Disney clearly has big plans for the franchise. I for one have no desire to see a sequel. TRON: Legacy was a mess and I didn’t care much for it. But, this being Hollywood, what can you expect? If it makes money it gets a sequel.

Here’s what Kosinski had to say:

“We’re working on the story right now. Once we get a script we’re all really happy with, we’ll take it to the powers that be and see if we can go back to the grid. I think we will pick up with where Tron: Legacy left off with Quorra in the real world and what does that mean and the possibilities it opens up for the next chapter. It’s that relationship between the two of them that’s the next step.”

He went on to speak about Cillian Murphy’s character, Edward Dillinger

“Dillinger [David Warner] was a really important part of the first film and felt like an easy way to continue that storyline and thread to have his son in the new movie. That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of Tron. We didn’t want to ignore it completely and it leaves a really nice springboard for some intertwining development for the next film.”

So for those of you who actually enjoyed the film, I guess that’s some pleasing news. Like I said before, I really have no desire to see the sequel and I likely won’t. That being said, there is clearly a market for the film and I’m sure Disney won’t take too long in getting it off the ground. We’ll keep you updated when we hear more.

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