Will Josh Boone’s Stephen King Adaptation The Stand Be Split Into Multiple Movies?


The latest Stephen King adaptation that has the potential to truly do the author’s work justice, is Josh Boone’s version of The Stand. Why has it got what it takes? Well for one, Boone is a huge fan of King and his gushing over the prolific writer extends farther than the usual. He worked in a ton of nods to the man in his first feature, Stuck In Love, and even managed to nab a voice cameo from King for the pic.

Seems the bromance goes both ways, as King has previously stated that he loves the first draft of the script. He sat down recently to talk with MTV (via Geek Tyrant) and discussed Boone’s vision for the upcoming movie.

“I think that his take is terrific. And don’t count on it being one film. Because there’s talk about doing it in an entirely different and innovative way. And I don’t want to go into it because it’s Josh’s baby.”

In the past, Boone has made reference to remaining loyal to the source material. As the mammoth tome spans a staggering 1,000+ pages, he’s even stated that the final product will boast a lengthy running time. He previously estimated that the R-rated epic would come in at around the 3 hour mark, and firmly stated it would take shape as one single movie.

In light of King’s interview, that could all be about to change. It certainly wouldn’t be unexpected, considering the size of the book. Unlike other adaptations that have taken a novel the size of a pamphlet and stretched them into three overlong features – yes, The Hobbit, I mean you – splitting The Stand would work.

Whatever King is hinting at with “different and innovative” we won’t know for some time, but it’s a great jumping off point for speculation. I’d personally be happy to see the entire project split into several films, with a different character at the centre of each, before they join up for the final movie. A little Marvel-esque, you might say.

Are you as excited about The Stand? Does the idea of another multiple movie franchise get you giddy? Let us know, folks, and we’ll keep you posted when any new updates arrive.