Josh Brolin Goes Crazy For The Storm In Sean Penn’s New Film

Sean Penn’s next directorial outing Crazy For The Storm has its leading man in Josh Brolin, according to The Playlist. Brolin is set to take on a paternal role in the film as the father of the main character, an eleven-year-old boy who must descend a mountain after a plane crash.

Crazy For The Storm is the second time Penn will make a foray into the wilderness, after 2007’s acclaimed Into The Wild. The story follows the boy who must survive the San Gabriel Mountains alone after a plane crash kills everyone else on board. It’s based on Norman Ollsted’s harrowing memoir of the same title.

Will Fetters of The Lucky Ones and Remember Me penned the screenplay but don’t let those less-than-stellar efforts put you off of what sounds like a thrilling survival adventure.

Since Penn has managed to sign up such a high-profile star to play a dead man, there’s every likelihood that the film will be heavy on the flashbacks. Brolin has become a man-of-all-parts recently, fresh from this year’s Men in Black III and soon to appear in the delayed Gangster Squad. He’s also tangled with the wild before, in No Country For Old Men.

This will be Brolin’s third collaboration with Penn (and Penn’s fifth effort as director).

No word yet on other casting decisions, but we’ll keep an eye out.  Crazy For The Storm is set to start shooting in 2013.

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