Josh Brolin Will Travel To Jurassic World


Things are really starting to heat up for Universal’s Jurassic World. Within a week or so we’ve heard of three major casting announcements and at this rate, we may just have the full line-up by the end of the month.

Bryce Dallas Howard was revealed to have a starring role not too long ago but more recently, we got news of Ty Simpkins joining the cast followed by word that Nick Robinson was being eyed to play his older brother. Now, to round out this trifecta of casting news for Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming sequel, The Wrap is reporting that Josh Brolin is in talks for a part.

The Oldboy star hasn’t officially signed on just yet but apparently, a formal offer is coming very shortly. As expected, no details on how Brolin’s character will fit into Derek Connolly’s script have been revealed but we do know that it is a lead role. Hopefully we’ll have more information for you soon.

So, Howard, Brolin, Robinson and Simpkins, with Jake Johnson and David Oyelowo rumored for parts as well. It’s an unexpected cast for a huge franchise film like this, but an interesting one nonetheless. At this point though, I’m just eager to hear further details on their exact roles and what the story will entail. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something good. This is a film that fans have wanted for a very long time and I’m hoping that Universal doesn’t drop the ball.

Jurassic World will stomp into theatres, in 3D, on June 12th, 2015.