Josh Gad Is Developing A Sci-Fi Comedy For Disney


After the massive success of Frozen, it makes sense that Disney would want to get Josh Gad involved in as many projects as possible. Sure enough, the Mouse House has now brought him and his writing partner Ryan Dixon on board to pen a live-action action comedy with a sci-fi twist.

Disney is unfortunately keeping the details of the plot under wraps at the moment, so there’s nothing to do but speculate on how the duo will merge action, comedy, and sci-fi, while keeping the film the sort of thing that will appeal to the family crowds. Regardless of whether they succeed at that, I’m sure interested to see them try.

Gad doesn’t have too many writing credits under his belt, at least in terms of something that the average moviegoer will have seen. He wrote for Gigi: Almost American and 1600 Penn, but that’s about it. That being said, him and Dixon have been hired to write Triplets, the sequel to Twins, but since that announcement, there haven’t been many updates about the project.

The actor recently provided the voice for Olaf the snowman in Frozen, which became the highest grossing animated film of all time. While the abundance of money that project raked in can’t necessarily be credited to Gad, he did do an excellent job with the voice acting. Though there’s still no word on whether he’ll have a role in this film he’s writing, I certainly don’t think Disney would be opposed to having him on screen.

In the near future, Gad can be seen in Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here, and he’s also set to start shooting Pixels with Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Peter Dinklage and Michelle Monaghan this summer.

Tell us, what do you think of Josh Gad taking on a sci-fi comedy? Are you excited to see what he can whip up for Disney? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: THR

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