Josh Hartnett May Be David Slade’s Daredevil


A Twitter exchange between David Slade and a fan has led to speculation as to who could end up playing Daredevil in his upcoming reboot. Empire was able to take a screenshot of the conversation and you can view it below.

It’s more than likely that Slade was talking about the first part of the tweet as the director has been taking on other projects, leading fans to wonder if everything was going well with the movie. What we do know about it though is that it will be based on the Born Again storyline by Frank Miller and that David James Kelly is working on the screenplay.

That being said, Josh Hartnett and David Slade have worked together previously on 30 Days Of Night, which could imply that Slade wants to work with him again on Daredevil. Or, he could’ve simply agreed with the thought that Hartnett should finally get a Marvel role as he almost won the role of Loki in Thor.

I’m not the biggest fan Josh Hartnett‘s work but in terms of appearance, he could make a great Matt Murdock. That being said, I’d think that the studio would want to go with someone a bit more high profile.

What do you think? Would Hartnett make a good Daredevil?

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