Joss Whedon Directing Batgirl For Warner Bros.

Batgirl Comics

Variety is reporting that The Avengers director Joss Whedon will be switching sides, moving over to Warner Bros. to direct Batgirl for them. The film will be a standalone outing for the hero and will be a part of the DC Extended Universe. Whether that means we can expect to see characters like Batman and Nightwing show up is unknown, but we’d be surprised if they don’t at least stop by for a quick cameo of some sort.

Aside from Whedon, no one else is attached to the film at the moment, but from what we understand, this is all fairly new. The project only originated in the past month or so. Of course, there’s no word yet on who the studio may be eyeing for the titular role, but already fans are putting forth their casting wishlists, with Emma Stone seeming to be a pretty popular choice among many, as she has been for some time now.

Circling back to what we know, though, and Variety reports that “characters from the world of Gotham” will feature in the film. Again, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Caped Crusader himself will show up – it could be someone like Jim Gordon – but it’s encouraging to hear that they’ll be taking advantage of the world that’s at their disposal. It could also mean that there will be some kind of tie-in here with Gotham City Sirens.

Regardless of how this all plays out, hearing that Whedon will be taking the helm of a female-driven comic book movie is hugely exciting. He’ll have full creative control over it (as he’s also producing and writing) and with so much source material to draw from, it’ll be fascinating to watch what direction he heads in with both the character and the film as a whole.

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Source: Variety