Joss Whedon Is Still Working On Batgirl, After All


Earlier today, a new rumour flared up that told us Joss Whedon had been removed from the upcoming Batgirl pic by Warner Bros. According to Super Bro Movies, the underwhelming response to Justice League, which Whedon carried to the finished line, made them think twice about entrusting another one of their projects to the former Marvel director.

A little while later, however, the site removed their article amid claims that WB had got in contact and would shortly be making an official statement to clear up the confusion. While we haven’t received any word from the studio just yet, a conflicting report has now arrived which refutes the prior story and states that Joss Whedon is still attached to Batgirl, after all.

As EW has it, Whedon is secure in his place on the movie and is currently working on the script. The site does caution that this could change in future, but only to the extent that any major studio movie can switch between directors during the course of its pre-production. This is especially true of the DC Extended Universe at the moment, which is currently undergoing a kind of “rebirth.”

For Batgirl fans, this is probably good news. We’ve previously heard that a solo movie for Barbara Gordon is only happening in the first place because of Whedon’s interest in the character. So, if the director was removed from the project, it’s likely that it would fall by the wayside amongst all the various other DCEU films in the works.

Despite this latest story, these contradictory reports will likely do nothing to squash talk that Whedon’s future at DC is on shaky ground. After all, questions were raised last week when the director liked a Tweet criticizing Justice League. Was it a mistake, an ironic gesture or a sign that Whedon has problems with a movie that’s at least partially his? It’s hard to say, but we wouldn’t be surprised if things don’t end up panning out between the director and the studio.

What do you think, though? Do you want to see Joss Whedon direct a Batgirl movie? Or have you got a different person in mind for the job? As always, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.