Joss Whedon Suggests He May Cast An Unknown As Batgirl

Though things got off to a shaky start over in the DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. is now doing their best to turn the ship around. While the verdict is still out on both Wonder Woman and Justice League, one thing that we’re certainly excited about is the studio’s plans for both Batman and the Bat Family. Of course, the Caped Crusader will be getting his own solo film at some point in 2018, but there’s also a standalone outing planned for Nightwing and Batgirl as well.

It’s still early, early days on these projects and while each one does have a director attached (Chris McKay for the former and Joss Whedon for the latter), nothing has surfaced on the casting front just yet. We don’t expect that to change any time soon, either, but already, fans have begun putting together wishlists for who they want to see bring some of the Dark Knight’s most iconic allies to life.

So far, a lot of the names that have been circulated are those of established actors, but it’s important to remember that Warner Bros. could very well go with an unknown. That’s something Joss Whedon made clear when asked about casting Batgirl. Variety caught up with the filmmaker on the red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 earlier tonight and asked who he’s got in mind to play Barbara Gordon. Of course, he wouldn’t name any names, but did seem to suggest that it could be a relative newcomer.

Obviously, Whedon is choosing his words wisely here, and being extra careful about what he says so that nothing slips out. Still, it’s clear that the director is looking beyond just the usual suspects when it comes to actresses who could play the titular character. And while that might upset some fans, we’ve got a lot of faith in Whedon when it comes to casting.

After all, Sarah Michelle Gellar was a relatively fresh face when The Avengers director put her in Buffy, and look how well that worked out. Regardless of which route Whedon decides to take though, it’ll be fascinating to see who ultimately ends up snagging the role and we can’t wait to learn more about what he has planned for Warner Bros.’ Batgirl.