Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Departs From The Crow Reboot

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has confirmed he has exited the proposed Crow reboot, leaving the action movie in a production standstill once again. The helmer’s departure comes after confirmed actor Bradley Cooper also recently left the movie

Twitch is reporting that Fresnadillo is no longer attached to The Crow because several weeks ago he signed onto the Highlander reboot that Justin Lin vacated. The fantasy film is expected to begin shooting in the spring.

Fresnaillo first signed onto The Crow reboot after original director Stephen Norrington stepped down last October. The latter helmer left the movie after an unconfirmed actor initially expressed interest in the lead role of Eric Draven. He then passed on the film because he didn’t like the script presented by screenwriter Nick Cave, who then left the film.

Before the Fall director F. Javier Gutierrez is being considered to replace Fresnadillo for the reboot. A new lead actor for the movie, which is being rewritten by Watchmen co-scribe Alex Tse, is also being considered.

Brandon Lee connected with a generation in Proyas‘ 1994 original film. With all of the directors, writers and actors the proposed reboot has seen, it seems unlikely the movie will be able to emulate the original film’s success.

Do you agree with the above statement or do you remain hopeful for the reboot?

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