Jude Law Will Dive Into The Black Sea

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Though he dropped out of Queen of the Desert earlier today, Jude Law has now found a new role. The actor will come on board Kevin MacDonald’s Black Sea. The project was announced over a year ago, so we’ll forgive you if you forgot about it. To refresh your memory though, the film will take the shape of a submarine thriller, which MacDonald described as “one of those hard, intelligent B-movies they used to make — dark, little vicious B-movies.”

Law is set to play an “unemployed submarine captain hired by some shady folks to lead an expedition to find a sunken sub supposedly loaded with gold. So he puts together a ragtag crew to take on the gig, and get back at his ex-employers as well.”

Sounds like it could be a fun ride, right? Law is reliable actor who is always an enjoyable screen presence, no matter what role he’s in, and MacDonald has proven that he can make some very effective films. The Last King of Scotland is undoubtedly the director’s best work but I also really liked State of Play and his recent documentary, Life in a Day. Admittedly, The Eagle was pretty dull but MacDonald is still a solid filmmaker and I’m confident that him and Law will make a good team.

What do you think of Black Sea so far? Excited to see Kevin MacDonald and Jude Law working together? Let us know in the comments below.