Here’s Your First Look At Jude Law In Kevin Macdonald’s Black Sea


One film that may not be on your radar yet is Kevin Macdonald’s thriller Black Sea. We haven’t seen/heard much from it yet, as it’s still filming, but based on what we do know, I’m already hooked.

The film is set to follow a submarine captain named Robinson, played by Jude Law. He’s hired to lead an expedition to find a sunken submarine full of gold that was sent as a bribe to Hitler during WWII. As one would expect, things don’t go as planned for Robinson and him and his crew end up getting in way over their heads.

Today, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have a few new pics from the film (seen above and below). They feature Law, some gold bars and what looks to be an appropriately claustrophobic submarine setting. In fact, 80% of the film is being shot on a real, 1960s Russian submarine, which should add a lot of authenticity to Black Sea.

Though I can’t say I really enjoyed Macdonald’s most recent effort, How I Live Now, I’m still a fan of his. After all, it’d be foolish to forget that he gave us The Last King of Scotland as well as State of Play, two excellent films.

All things considered, I’m remaining hopeful that Black Sea will be a return to form for the director. It has an intriguing plot and with the lead role being filled by Law (who has been doing some great work lately), this one could turn out to be a really memorable thriller. Either that or it might just sink (pun intended) Macdonald’s career.