Jude Law Signs On For Melissa McCarthy’s Spy Comedy Susan Cooper


Jude Law is one of those rare actors with both incredible dramatic depth and a brilliant knack for comedy. Over the years, he’s delivered powerhouse performances in dark fare like Cold Mountain and Contagion but also shown off his funny bone in films like Sherlock Holmes and, more recently, Dom Hemingway. Law’s ability to balance both acts makes him a huge asset to every project he signs on for, which is why he’s one of Hollywood’s most consistently acclaimed stars. Now, we’re hearing that Fox has snagged him for a supporting role in their upcoming spy comedy Susan Cooper.

Law will join Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne and Jason Statham in the film, which is set to hit theaters next summer. Paul Feig, who previously worked with McCarthy and Byrne on their breakout comedy Bridesmaids, is set to both write and direct Susan Cooper. For now, details about the project are being kept tightly under wraps, though we do know that McCarthy will play the titular character, a James Bond-esque secret agent. 

There are a lot of reasons to look forward to Susan Cooper. Feig’s previous two collaborations with McCarthy, Bridesmaids and female buddy cop comedy The Heat, were both side-splittingly funny and did a lot to increase the amount of female-led comedies from major studios. Byrne is also a talented actress with formidable comedic chops, as demonstrated in Bridesmaids and I Give It a Year, and Statham’s action hero reputation suggests that Susan Cooper won’t be entirely sidelining action in favor of laughs. Now, with Law involved, the potential for Susan Cooper to succeed as a hilarious, exciting action-comedy seems very high.

The film won’t arrive until May 22, 2015, but fans of Feig and McCarthy can rest assured that Susan Cooper‘s long journey to the big screen will give the duo more than enough to hone the script and make the movie as funny as humanly possible.

Tell us, are you excited for Susan Cooper?

Source: Variety