Jude Law Still Won’t Say If He’s Playing Mar-Vell In Captain Marvel


Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland could take some lessons in secrecy from Jude Law, who’s being so tight-lipped about his role in Captain Marvel that he won’t even confirm which character he’s playing. Most have assumed he’s set for the part of Mar-Vell – the Kree warrior and first Captain Marvel who disguises himself on Earth as Dr. Walter Lawson. After all, we already know that Law’s character is the leader of the Starforce group that Larson’s Carol Danvers joins which, in all honesty, pretty much means he’s Mar-Vell. Or does it?

In an appearance on The Late Show to promote Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Law gave absolutely nothing away about the character he’s playing in his MCU debut. When Stephen Colbert asked, “I thought you were Mar-Vell? You’re not Mar-Vell?” Law responded, “I can’t tell you who I am. In Marvel, it’s like don’t you (bleep) ever tell anybody about this!”

While I think he probably is Mar-Vell, it’s interesting that the actor won’t come out and confirm it. A leading fan alternative theory says that maybe Law’s playing Yon-Rogg, a Kree military commander with a mission to keep an eye on events on Earth. He ends up becoming one of Captain Marvel’s (the Danvers version) most dangerous foes, not to mention being indirectly responsible for her gaining incredible cosmic powers.

But if that’s true, then where does Mar-Vell fit into the movie? Well, what if Carol Danvers, realizing her name doesn’t sound particularly space-y, decides to take Mar-Vell as her Kree name? Thus explaining why she’s got the on-paper slightly silly name of Captain Marvel.

As you can see, there are a lot of pieces in this puzzle, and we’ll only get the full picture when Captain Marvel hits cinemas on March 8th, 2019.

Source: YouTube